Oliva Burton: London Fog
Photoshoot Idea: 

When I photograph a product, I try to incorporate natural elements because nature brings unique texture, color, and shape to life. It is an individualistic art that I cannot take control but it's there for appreciation and I apply its charm to my images. Unlike nature, products are created with precision with modern technology and product photography is a very technical field.  I guess I blend natural elements to balance out life and lifeless object.

In this photoshoot, I used Olivia Burton watch. Olivia Burton is an accessories store based in London, England. I utilized hydrangeas flowers for the background because of the hydrangeas motif in the face of the watch and I thought about the fog because when I think about London, I always see a foggy weather. However, this is an evaporation than a fog. You know when you walk in the early morning during winter, the dew from overnight evaporates as the sun rises over the horizon. That dewy misty atmosphere was my intention. 

You can check out Olivia Buron's Behind the Scene on my blog

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