Fossil Watch Photoshoot 
The idea behind the image

When I was looking at my portfolio, I realized I did not have a watch and a clean commercial photograph. When I looked at my watch, I thought it would look great with a charcoal theme because of Fossil watch I got has earthy and natural feel to it. The bulkiness and the diameter of the watch say it can go through the hardship and pressure. I thought the watch is suitable for the wilderness. From that point, I started to brainstorm what I can relate the watch to nature. At this time, there was a wildfire in California. I thought about the burnt trees. Charcoal.

Then I came upon an idea of charcoal sketching. Charcoal art is done on a white paper and creates contrast, texture, and shading. Also, when you go to the traditional Asian houses, there is a charcoal art arrangement on a pot with white pebbles. I got my inspired by these two ideas to create a concept. 

You can check the behind the scene for this image on my blog

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